Wednesday, October 30, 2013

a walnut pedestal table

 we've got a couple of walnut pedestal tables in the works in the shop right now .. well, actuallhy, this one is finished and i hope to deliver it tomorrow or friday.  it's going to a house right down the street from us, right here in town.  it's 56" in diameter closed and has three 45" leaves for a total of 56 x 101. 
 the base design i attribute to my client who had a pretty clear vision that she was able to convey to us as we worked through the drawings and two scale models.  i've got some pictures of them somewhere ..
the cad drawing was pretty straightforward once we got the concept worked out ..
as usual, we procured some of irion lumber's finest.  a log of matched 15-16" boards and a fine piece of 4" walnut from a different log, but matched very well .. thanks myron.
here's and upside down view with the base parts clamped up in preparation for gluing .. moin equalizing pedestal runners ...
ready for final sanding and finish ...
checking the runner alignment ..
with all three leaves it is surprisingly solid, even with the single pedestal .. 
good to go ...

update  11/4 ... installed the table last week .. looks good onsite ...

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