Monday, October 14, 2013

'x' based tables

we seem to have a theme going here ... let's call it the 'x based table' .  we finished the one above last week and delivered it to the house where we have been working on some other projects since early may.
a little diamond of steel 'washer' by sam
it continues the barn board theme from the vanity we made back in august .. the table is actually made from the same collection of boards that were salvaged from that house.
we started with a pattern we made from our cad drawing, and slowly proceeded ..

added some chamfers

and a center post, also with chamfers ...  this recent barnboard table appears to be the 
eighth in the series, all distinctly different, but with 'x' as the common denominator.
cherry and steel .. more photos here
 claro walnut and steel

lots of rebar xs on these ...  blog post here
 a copper top x table ... more info here
steel and white lacquer .. more photos here
reclaimed chestnut and twisted 1.25" steel .. link here
 more rebar xs ... this table is still available for immediate delivery ...


Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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