Sunday, March 30, 2014

a live edge coffee table

we delivered another nice claro wlanut slab coffee table this week.  the slab is one of a pair we bought back in january, specifically for this project, and in the meantime, sold the other one to another client who just happened to be looking for a small dining table exactly the size of the other slab.  
sometimes you just get lucky.  clcik the photos to enlarge them.
so here it is, onsite friday morning .. a cloudy day, but still a warm object with a little light.
at one point, i considered straightening the flair, but decided to not even ask .. the
live edge was just too nice ..
the base design is one we have used before in flat, 1/2" steel, but the tubing is a little more refined.
we added our dark bronze patina to the natural, polished steel.
 earlier in the process, i took the base to the client's home nearby with a piece of half inch mdf cut the to same size and shape as the actual slab.  i then took a couple photos ...

 and then, with a little creative photoshopping, added a photo of the the sister slab from the table below, which by that time was already finished and shipped.  this mockup helped the clients visualize the
finished table in their space .. it took a minute,  but was well worth the effort.  compare this photo with the onsite photo at the top and you can get a handle on the 'power of photoshop'.
all for now.  enjoy your sunday ...

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