Tuesday, April 1, 2014

it's a chair!

 well ok.  this one was a challenge.  not for me, except emotionally, but for chris as the woodworker who spent a good deal of time copying the rocker above.  it's a family piece that belonged to a 
really good friend who is now, sadly, no longer with us. her sister asked us to make
 the copy for her and now it's ready to go.
  click the photos to enlarge them.
 it's american walnut with a sort of silky corduroy like fabric which is perfect for it.
 the original was a little narrow, so we added an inch to the width so 
more folks could be comfortable and we also changed 
a few things in the back upholstery support.
 challenging joinery with not a right angle in sight.  challengning handwork and shaping.
challenging this; challenging that; one after another
but in the end, a job very well done.
excellent work by isaiah mccauliffe of bespoke upholstery, manchester, vt.
r.i.p. ames

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Steven Cain said...

Beautiful work guys!
I've got that same vise on my main bench. Love it.