Saturday, April 12, 2014

so it finaly feels like spring

the employee lounge opened yesterday, overlooking the pond below ... no banjo music, but the wood frogs were pretty good .. below is my first 'blogger video' i won't know how it works until i post this so we'll see if adding videos is something we can work on in the future.

wood frogs are pretty interesting little creatures. they live only in vernal, or 'fishless' ponds,
and can tolerate being frozen solid in the winter ... me too, but just barely anymore.
and the pheobes are back,  flitting around their usual nesting spots
very entertaining little birds
raked up in front of the shop yesterday .. still a little snow from the plow, 
but it should be gone after this weekend
kit is working on the wood pile.  fortunately for me, she calls it 'her workout, 
and i have participated only sporadically so far. 
and the laundry is on the line.  i even thought briefly about an outdoor shower ..
and after a long cold winter, we'll be heading out for the mail with the top down shortly.
it's gonna be 70 here today.
fish are out in the pond
the raised beds and the asparagus patch are bare ...
and the fog was lovely this morning, and
it was the first day there was no snow visible from the upstairs windows

what a difference a week makes

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