Friday, May 16, 2014

a painted dressing table

we shipped this one off to nantucket this week.
trevor 'whipped it up' from the drawing above.  sort of a classic sideboard/dresser/dressing table design.  beaded drawers, a 'beachy' whitewashed type finish and restrained hardware.
lots of mortises
which inevitably leads to lots of tenons

and then you have a skeleton

and you add your panels and undermount drawer runners
fit up your faces and paint everything.

we developed the finish samples from a weak aniline dye stain with a benjamin moore off white sponged on over it.  we had a 'dead flat' finish, which was the one ultimately selected, and a 'matte' finish at the top of the sample, which actually had a small shine to it.
we tried a subtle glaze, with our standard disclaimer, and ultimately, 
the client selected the unglazed whiter version
and we 'massaged it til done' .. never as easy as it seems it should be 
when you are dealing with a piece with lots of surfaces ...  

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