Thursday, May 1, 2014

for an objet d'art

chris recently finished this pedestal for a niche in a new york home .. it will hold, i believe, an antique vase, or some other 'objet d'art' ... i've always liked that phrase; almost anything can be one, and you get to decide what is one, and what isn't one.  all you need is a pedestal .. we've made a couple of these, and like a lot of other things, they look easy when they are done.  click the photos to enlarge them.

this one will get a 'swedish style' decorative painted finish by a local paint artist.  it is currently displaying trevor's masking tape ball, which he has been working on for several years.  we use a lot of masking tape to secure edge inlays and other design details, (see this recent post), and trevor is careful and resourceful when he peels it.  mark, who left our shop in 2007, after a 7 year stint, had a ball larger than a soccer ball, and just a little smaller than a basketball, when he left .. the tape balls are very cool 'objets'.
a couple in process photos below  ..

we made the cad drawing from the image below, using the dimensions provided by the designer .. 
we used a combination of 3/4 baltic birch for the shaft, base and top, and solid woods for the moldings ...

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