Friday, November 21, 2014

a live edge claro walnut table

here we go .. claro walnut table number .. hmmm .. looks like number 31 counting from the slide show.  this one took some back and forth to get the right slab, but in the end, the clients got a real beauty. 
it is the third slab we have used from log #41. the one above is 41 #2 and the one below, #3, we used for this table back in april.  we used 41 #4 for the bed headboard in the previous post .. 
click the photos to enlarge them.
these three log mates had incredibly similar grain, not unexpected, considering they are separated by only 3" and a couple of saw kerfs.  sam made the steel 'nakashima style' base above, and trevor, jim and i did the shaping, sanding, and scraping necessary to go from the raw slab to the finished table.
jim took this shot of trevor 'working on the table' and me with my drawknife and best tin tin hair impression.  you've likely seen these posts before so i'll just add a few process photos and then tell you that the table had to go into an elevator (it just fit, standing on end) and on up to the fourth floor of a new jersey apartment building ...we had to send a piece of cardboard to the clients so they could check that it would actually go into the elevator, which wasn't the biggest one.
the slab was +/- 48 x 102, and the elevator door was 42 x 84 .. we had inches to spare ...
close up of the (really heavy), nicely welded steel base.  fortunately, sam designed it to be knocked down into three pieces for shipping, the two verticals and the 1.75" solid steel bar that connected them ..
after .. not bad for a night time cell phone picture

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