Thursday, December 8, 2016

a live edge walnut coffee table

we had a request for a 4' x 4' live edge walnut coffee table
with a metal base recently ..the final cuts above were laid out with tape,
 and photoshopped for the client's approval ...
 i was lucky to find these two crotch walnut slabs
online at alderfer lumber in pensylvania.  the 
price was good to and they delivered them in their own truck
for a nominal fee ..
while we were waiting for the slabs to arrive, the width was changed to +/- 36" x 48 long ...
i changed the drawing, and we had to trim the slabs back a bit  ore
than we originally anticipated, but it all worked out ... we mocked up the metal base with
a couple scraps of plywood, and gave the 
client the option  to fill or leave the cracks.  we'll be filling them
with some tinted epoxy tomorrow ...
the defects were actually surprisingly modest, and they will be relatively easy to fill ..

i have this other american walnut slab i got from a different supplier,
and the wood in this table will look similar to the photo below when it is finished
beautiful grain !!

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