Wednesday, December 14, 2016

a claro walnut slab table

 we delivered this one to boston a while back, but i'm just getting around to posting
photos now .. it was a spectacular slab and it went, definitely, to a good home
 here it is, u[side down, with the base attached ...
and here is a close up of the figure in the top ... loved the curvy edges ...
 we started with this slab photo from our friends at goodhope hardwoods
 in the end, we were able to buy it without the drop pon the right end where 
it was way wider than we needed ...
 it had a few smallish cracks, but was otherwise perfect, 
which is very unusual for a slab of this size
we filled them in and it was off to the finish room ..
 here it is with a wet coat of varnish  ..
and a close up of the water jet cut 1.5" thick legs with our 'bronze' finish

for more pictures of our claro walnut slab tables, visit the 'slide shows' page on our blog
the claro walnut tables are in the 'live edge tables' folder ...

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