Sunday, December 17, 2017

some bamboo cabinets

coming along on a pair of bamboo cabinets
the first cabinet was an extension to the existing island,
about 26" x 104" x 31" high, virtually doubling the
existing counter space ..
according to the previous owners, the bamboo ply was made by a company that is either no longer in business or not distributing their sheet goods on the east coast .. we did find a supplier
in virginia who represents a company called plyboo.  this is the quarter split, natural finish.
it is a different cut from the original and we had to tint the finish slightly
 to match the +/- 20 year old existing cabinets
here chris is installing the 6 maple pull outs
and here is the island cabinet in place waiting for the 'ubatuba' granite from
b m & g did the original stonework in the existing kitchen, and had 
the exact match for the new stone ..
in place, with the finish on the cabinet
in the shop with the template for the stone
and there is another challenging part of this project that 
involves adding a cabinet to an area with another angled wall ..
we tried some square cabinet concepts, but ended up going with a trapezoidal
shaped cabinet similar to the scale model below ..

which also required a test fitting
and moving some wires and switches
home stretch on the angled cabinet today .. off to the
finishers tomorrow ..
tyler, rocking his new bamboo belt that he made as he was trimming the doors ...

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