Saturday, December 23, 2017

the other bamboo cabinet

 another part of the bamboo cabinet project.  this cabinet is an angled 
parallelogram shape to fit the angled wall .. there are more pictures of the process for this one in the previous blog post.
 we started with a rough scale model whose design was revised 
as we translated it to full size

we eliminated one set of doors
we did a test fir up once we had the cabinet roughed out
had the electricians move the three switches

and installed it thursday, just ahead of the holidays and a
substantial snowstorm on friday ..
 looking toward the house from the office porch
up the driveway past the metal shop and finishing building
party time friday morning with our new slab and new sweatshirts from
goodhope hardwoods ... thanks skip!
tyler, chris, will, dan, sam .. missing from the photo trevor ..
too much snow for him!

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