Wednesday, July 20, 2022

milestones ...

time passes ... 
so pay attention folks!  there are markers as time goes by.
 i have been working on 'my old man project' a la john mcphee
and i am seeing the milestones  pile up ... 
in may 1969 i graduated from penn state and hit the road ...
after stops in key largo for the winter of 1969-70, washington d.c. 
for the spring, montauk, the summer of 1970, san francisco/san jose,
 briefly, then to palm springs for the winter of 70-71, new orleans, 
briefly, europe, may, and june, i arrived in vermont on july 6th, 1971,
with $6.00 in my pocket and everything i owned in one hand.
i had come to visit my sister in arlington, who had gotten me a (possible) job 
tending bar at the roundhouse, a live music bar in manchester ... i went the next 
day for my interview, and ace manley, one of the owners, hired me.
i met kit on september 6th that year, quit my traveling, and we married 
in 1973.  you can pick up the story from there in the posts below ...
house building, carpentry, furniture business, two boys, sam in 1982,
 will in 1984, a move to dorset in 1996, and in 2000, a new house and shop.
i have not finished the whole saga yet, but at 75, i am turning
some of my business responsibilities over to our VERY capable 
nephew Kristian Moore, who will be dealing with new and returning 
customers, and taking over some of the posting on this blog ... 
most of our work comes from the internet, and i have not kept up lately.
kristian has been working closely with me now for over 3 years, is 
enthusiastic, and is completely capable of all things furniture making. 
 i am soooo lucky. 
sam and luke are in the metal shop, will and abe are making banjos, 
and kristian and i are making furniture here in 
the 'west dorset industrial park'.

after 42 years i have some (a lot of) clutter at the shop and 
at the house, and it is now time for me to clean that up a bit.
i feel fortunate, after some open heart and hip replacement surgery 
two years ago, to be fit and active, and on the right side of the grass.

enjoy every healthy moment folks ...
'tempus fugit'
for the next installment, click the 'older post' link at the bottom of each post ..

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