Sunday, April 20, 2008

An Article I Wrote in Fine Woodworking in 1980

I recently received a request for a copy of an out of print article I wrote for Fine Woodworking in 1980. It took a minute, but I scared up a copy of it reprinted in 'Fine Woodworking Techniques 4' published by Taunton Press in 1982. Fine Woodworking, I would credit with getting a lot of us started on the trail of woodworking for a living. At the time it first came out, I was working as a carpenter and there was one guy about 20 miles away who was rumored to make furniture for people. Now there are 4 people like myself, within two miles of my shop, who have employees and make furniture or cabinets for a living. Quite a change.
Above is the link that started the discussion and below I have posted a scan of the book page. If you want a printable pdf, let me know and I'll email you one. This project looks trickier then I remember it and, if I wanted to make one now, I'm not totally sure I could figure it out easily without the article. Good luck if you're making one. Comment below please and click to enlarge the pictures.

It took me almost as long to find one of the boxes
as it did to find the article ...

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