Friday, April 4, 2008

Crotch Mahogany Veneered Console Table

Ok ... This was a bit of interesting fussiness. It looks really simple now that it's done, as most elegant things do, but there's a bit more to it than meets the eye. The concept is uncomplicated. Arrange three veneered panels with matching veneers on both side into a mitered upside down "U" and presto ... a console table. Here's the actual deal ... Click photos to enlarge ...

Concept is shown above ... rotate flip, cut to size and match up keeping in mind that the patten has to match both inside and out.

Looks easy, right?
Here's what the stack of flitches of veneer ($50. bills), looked like out of the box. The beautiful crotch mahogany consecutive flitches came from Ben Barrett of Berkshire Veneer Company in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.
What they REALLY looked like, as in WRINKLY LIKE CRAZY !
After spraying with 'flattening solution', (10% alcohol,10% glycerine and 80% water),
changing the paper between the veneers every day for a week, and increasing the weight everyday until the stack is in the veneer bag under pressure for the last day or so, they were ready to press onto the core stock in our veneer bag. You can see more on flattening veneers at this website.
Just miter the 16" wide slabs so they match perfectly, (90 degrees please), figure out how to index and clamp them, and then, glue them up. Piece of cake. Like I said, it will look really simple, (and elegant) when it's done .... next week sometime .....

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