Sunday, June 1, 2008

Fifteen Minutes of Fame

I think it was Andy Warhol who said we were all entitled to our 15 minutes of fame ... Here's one I caught recently. My friend, Marsha Norman, the editor of Stratton Magazine was kind enough to include me in her article on 'The Boys of Summer' in the current issue. It featured 8 local convertibles and their owners cruising the Vermont countryside, exquisitely photographed by Hubert Schriebl and nicely described by Anita Rafael. Free copies at many Vermont general stores, bookstores and other local gathering places.... FYI, if you've never met me, that's me in our blue cutlass below, cruising, just around the corner from my house. That's the wife and the boys in the bottom photo .... Click the photos to enlarge
The cover of the summer issue featuring Bondville entrepreneur Peter Cornell
Text by Anita Rafael ...Photo by Hubert Schriebl

The bill of sale above explains the little old lady story ... She was my neighbor in Arlington until we moved in 1996. In 1970 it was her 50th birthday and she traded in her 1964 Falcon convertible for the Cutlass, drove it for 48,684 miles, parked in her garage and sold it to me in 1989. Julie was pretty sporty ...
Christmas present self portrait by Kit and the boys September 1989
The "boys" will be 24 and 26 next month...

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