Tuesday, June 24, 2008

High Chest Repair

We fixed the loose molding and big corner chips on this worthy high chest this week. We were able to remove the end moldings and reglue them with hide glued. It appeared that it was the first time the original end moldings were off the chest since it was built. The front molding, however, was more stubborn and had some serious big nails in the face of it. We had to settle for prying, cleaning and regluing with hide glue while the molding remained in place. Seems to have worked fine and the chest is headed back to its home tomorrow .... Click the pictures to enlarge..
We attempt to remove the loose front molding
Regluing the front molding without getting it off the case
Gluing a new piece on the miter of the short molding
Routing the broken section of the long front molding for the repair piece
The completed repair

Back to storage

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