Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fixing Some Alvar Aalto Tables

Ready to go ... 9.9.2008
A client brought some Alvar Aalto tables to the shop yesterday. The name might not be familiar, but if you lived throught the 60's, or your parents did, you'll probably recognize his furniture. He's most famous for his 'Nordic Modern' architecture, but he also designed some signature furniture and glass which is still being sold today. His table forms mostly were extremely simple and usually made use of glued up bent laminations (like above) for the legs of his stools, tables and chairs. What we've got are two of the classic coffe tables, a 36" round and a 2' x 3' rectangle. Originally finished in black lacquer with natural laminated beech legs, these have been in use since they were new and both had been refinished at some point and we're now just doing a little touch up. We have removed the legs and sanded the rectangular one. We picked up some lacquer today and we'll make a sample tomorrow.... It's such a simple form, we may do an 'interpretation" of it to go with our modern lounge chairs in my office.....

The 36" round

The refinished tops

Refinishing the legs .... Assembly Monday

The rectangle

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