Thursday, September 18, 2008

A New Railing Project

Sam finished up his big railing project this week. no picture of the dog gate at the bottom of the stairs yet. I think it's a stunner .... The clients do too ....

Down the stairs .... The posts spacings we're unequal, which necessitated a little creative spacing and design .... Actually it makes it more interesting I think ....

8/27 ... Straight sections are in ... on to the angled stair railings

8/20/2008 ... Sam's on a roll .... He's underway on a rather extensive project he's been designing and refining with the clients over the past couple of weeks. He took the time to make an accurate CAD drawing which we were then able to use to cut an mdf assembly jig on the CNC. Also from the same drawing he was able to get accurate cut lengths and precise angles, a huge time saver when you're working on a project with this many repetitions. I believe the bucket of parts has all the short, angled, cut medallion parts for the straight sections. Ready to weld tomorrow .... We'll need to make another angled jig for the stair sections .... Click the photos to enlarge ...

The railing actually loops around a balcony but is shown stretched out straight here ... looks like 35' plus the stairs

The CAD drawing with the angles and cut lengths. We can put a drawing like this, if it''s the right type of file, into our router toolpathing program and pretty much start cutting...

The finished jig

With some of the parts

Progress 8 22 ... the four straight sections are welded ... Here are three of them
This one has the finish on it .... it also has a small design wrinkle in the lower right hand corner
1st section in the jig

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