Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back to the 70's

Some of the locals around here are starting to take woodstacking REAL serious .... click to view this one ... This pile's about 10-12 feet in diameter and about 7 feet high. Now I find one of his neighbors has built a mini version about 7' x 7' ...
And, in my life, what goes around, comes around ... this past weekend I installed the outside part of the chimney for my new Jotul woodburning stove. I bought my first Jotul, a 118, in 1973, during the first 'energy crisis' and installed it in the new house we were building at the time with our own 4 hands. The stove did an ok job, sort of heating our house the first winter, and we didn't freeze, though our friends wouldn't come to play cards without their long underwear. The next year we added a Glenwood cookstove in the kitchen and a box stove in the wood shop. So ... I had three stoves running for 22 years ... 6-7 cords per winter to cut, split and haul each winter. By the time we built our new house and shop in the late 90's, oil was cheap and I was tired, so we left the Glenwood behind when we sold the old house, and sold the 118 to buy some woodworking tool or another .... All was fine til oil went last year to 2.75 and then this year $4.60. We went woodstove shopping and took the plunge. Got ourselves another brand new Jotul and a brand new stainless and metalbestos chimney. Heated it to 200 degrees tonight to start the break in. It's going to be toasty in here this winter ....
first fire
installing the chimney
still need to finish the slate work

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