Friday, December 5, 2008

New Steel Sculpture

We installed the steel sculpture today after a small algebra and arm waving exercise to get them centered and at the right height on the building. It looks right at home .... Click the photos to enlarge them ...

Installed on it's new home

Close up with client ,,, note matching vest

A photoshopped installation from back in October

Hanging on my shop front wall

Back around Open Studio time in May, I made, painted and hung a sculpture on the wall of my shop. It generated some interest and I have now completed edition #3 of an edition of nine. They've all been different, the first is now in my office and available as an indoor wall mounted or free standing piece. The second in the series was a half size version for clients in New York City, and this, the third, is designed for outdoors. Plasma cut from 3/4" plate steel and mounted on substantial hinges, it is headed for a new barn in the Weston/Andover, Vt area. While we were working on it, I was a little unsure about the client's 'all the same color concept', but now that it's up, I really like it, and actually, the color unifies the design more than I expected .... Other steel/wood sculptures coming up .... Click photos to enlarge them ....
Looks good from the long view too ... good color

The 'change' ... we're going to do something with this at some point .. not sure what

Custom heavy duty metal hinges by Sam

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