Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Fine Bedside Table

Close up of the inlays

The finished table
A couple years ago we made a bed for a client that had, inlaid in the headboard, our interpretation of the family coat of arms. It was a challenging inlay with many different elements and woods finely executed by my man , Trevor. It was one of his first really complex inlays after he took over the CNC router operation full time. About now, he's definitely got it all figured out. Anyway, now he's working on a bedside table to complement his first project, plucking small elements out of the larger inlay and setting them in various places on the table ... Cool project ... Click to enlarge the pictures.

The headboard inlay up close

The headboard inlay in process ... Check the little walnut piece ... it's a 1/16th by 1/8" x about 6 or 7" long, cut by Trevor in one piece from walnut .... I can still remember his smile when he pulled that one off

The finished bed

Organizing the table parts ... the curly maple legs were roughed out by Will using the Vega duplicator, and then final cut and cleaned up freehand

Trevor's redwood burl lion and walnut 'stars' in process

Installing the walnut borders, long grain and cross grain on the maple top

The fox has been inlaid on the right side apron, the bottoms of the legs have been trimmed and we'll start to glue up the parts you see above later today. There will be two drawers and a secret compartment. Like I said ... cool table


woodtreks said...

I'm glad I ran across your site. I also went to your main website. Very nice work! Some day I'd like to see your studio. Keith (

Jeff Branch said...

Beautiful table. I love tiger maple. The inlay looks great.