Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Client Rained On My Parade

I was feeling pretty good at the end of the day yesterday. I had the first of my four Federal style doors glued up and it looked good ... ready to paint and 'surprisingly rigid'. A very cool and challengingly complex, (IMHO), item. As I was leaving, a local client stopped by with a chair and a bed rail for us to repair. The bed rail was a bed rail but the CHAIR !!! ... well, it's just an amazing and humbling piece of work. Looks like it might be from the 1850's neo classical revival/Biedermeier era ... I'm not sure, but regardless, it's a knockout. It has a nice warm, shiny, French Polish finish so it was impossible to photograph with all the reflections and I was in a hurry to get outside to the fine spring afternoon, but here it is ... The back leg is broken for what looks like the second or third time, but we can splice it back together so it can go back with another one just like it ... Hard to believe the guy lived long enough to finish one, let alone two of them ... Click the photos to enlarge them ...

rear right leg is snapped off
close up of the splat inlay

the back


Jeff Branch said...

Amazing. Maybe before my time is up on God's green Earth I can make something close to this.

ramblingroad said...

Truly beautiful...enough said.