Friday, March 13, 2009

Ice Out and Other Updates

Mr. and Mrs. Mallard Return from the South
This year spring is arriving in a new (to me) progression. We had robins back in the beginning of February. Saw my first pussy willow last Sunday in the swamp downtown and yesterday, the ducks showed up in our pond before the ice was even totally out. We usually have a 'first ducks of the year" dollar pool in the shop but we generally don't even think of putting up ouor choices until the second half of the month. For the last 10 years , the winner has been around the first of the month. Anyway, the light is great, the time change is great and while it's still COLD ! ... spring is on it's way. Kit saw a redwing blackbird this week and also had an unusual siting of a flock of whitesided cross bills, a Canadian bird not normally seen this far South.

Busy here this week ... too busy to write much ... Below is a quick update on our current projects and I'll write more later this weekend (maybe) ... It's pretty nice and spring like here ... Good to be outside ...Click the photos to enlarge them ...

Progress on the Federal Style Doors is good. All the production kinks have been worked out and they should all come together pretty quickly next week. Fussy but incredibly challenging work. I'm actually doing them myself as I couldn't elegantly sum up the process for anyone else to understand and they were all busy on other stuff anyway. I'm enjoying the mental and physical work of being back in the shop for a change. I think Will will help me finish them next week as, except for the the turned wood knobs, he's finished the construction of the Lutyens Style desk.

The face of the center drawer flips down for a keyboard... the curving base parts came out great..

We have pretty much resolved the design and budget issues for the railing that goes with the Tansu style stairway and that should get underway probably early next week as Trevor is making good progress on defining the case below ...

Sam and Jim installed the last section of the handrail project he's been working on... looks good

All for now ....

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