Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Current Big Thing

When I look at the list of posts for the last two or three weeks, it looks like not much is going on, new projects wise.... A couple repairs, some metalwork, a woodshed and railing for my own home, a new camera .... like I said, not much going on ... That's because, for the last three or four weeks we have been working on a large project and I, as yet, have not gotten it together to post the details. The design work started around the first of the year as construction was getting underway, and the project involves a roomful of paneling, a desk, a vanity and dressing table, two mirrors, the restoration of a pair of antique doors, a bar cabinet .... I think that's it for now. The construction on the addition is coming along and we've been working on the project since the middle of May, hoping to install everything in the next couple of weeks. The paneling post will be a long one and I'll post the other entries as I can make the time to do it.
Click the pictures to enlarge them....

The project as it appeared in early January

A close up of the desk model ... a claro walnut slab with a blackened steel base

The fireplace surround and tv cabinet section of the 'roomful of walnut paneling'.

The recycled chestnut vanity

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