Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Furnished Walnut Paneled Room

This morning, I saw the finished room that we have been working on, (and here), counting the design process, since the first of the year. It looked great. The architecture was by Liz Calabrese of Calabrese Architects and the interior design, fabrics, wall and floor coverings, colors, and some furniture was by Mary Jo Gourd of Ramsay Gourd Architects. While I kind of had a vision of it in my head as we were working, it had even a better warmth and depth as a completed project than as a visualization in my mind's eye ... The light coming in from the windows made it a little tough to photograph, but I think you can get the idea. We're going to put a folding, black speaker cloth door over the stereo equipment under the Claro walnut desk (bottom photo) and build a bar (we worked up an interesting concept to pursue this morning) for the longer wall opposite the fireplace. There are still personal touches to add, but, on the whole, I could move right in .... Click the pictures to enlarge them ...

Beautiful, bright, screened in porch on the south side

A game table area

The bar will go against the longer wall

Back to the beginning ... the door will go on the now open equipment cabinet under the desk


Jeff Branch said...

Beautiful work. Thanks for the post.

Torch02 said...

Those panels are wonderful. The sofa and chairs really match the feel of the room. I also love the wooden ceiling beams that help segment the space nicely, keeping the room from looking too big.