Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Claro Walnut Slab Table

This post actually starts back in February when I wrote abut some claro walnut slabs that I had on hand. So far we've completed projects with two of the slabs ... I still have one available ... The latest project is a desk/table for a niche in the walnut paneled room we completed recently. It involved some fine metal fabrication and welding by Sam, as well as a good effort from the woodshop team to polish up the slab and get it to Holman Studios for one of Steve's fine finish jobs ... Anyway ... Here it is ... Click to enlarge the pictures for better viewing .....

Close up of the model and the figure in the Claro walnut top (from Good Hope Hardwoods)

The whole deal

Fine welding by Sam ... that's 3/4 x 6" solid bar welded to 1/2" and 1")

The naked base ...
The base building process below

The flat trestle bases and a 1.5" solid round bar connector ... drilled up through the bases and bolted to the tapped solid round stock ... Bolts and unbolts for shipping ...

The jig for welding the steel parts together

First end welded


TheHouseTherapist said...

Beautifully done, Dan & Sam! A very nice use of wood & metal and great collaboration!

Torch02 said...

Nice table. I really like pieces that are able to incorporate wood and metal, without the metal overtaking the essence of the piece. It also doesn't hurt when you have such a beautiful slab of walnut to work from!

What are you going to do with the miniature mockup?

Unknown said...

The claro walnut slabs combined with a metal turned out to be a creative table from two different elements - wood and metal.

I'm thinking of using copper alloys as my base and try to make it more with edges. Also, how about creating a chair made out of it. However, I wonder if I can also have the same quality of base, if I'll be using a thicker bar connector. Besides, I hope I can pre-order materials for my designs, for I don't have a big space to weld and assemble the parts my self.