Thursday, April 15, 2010


Sometimes you have stuff around that you knew was extraordinary when you first discovered it, and then, somehow, it becomes part of the scenery and well, it's just there. Like these two pieces of redwood burl hanging on the wall of the shop. They caught my eye at Berkshire Products in Massachusetts, maybe 5 years ago and I had them on a shelf for a year or two, waiting for a worthy project ... One day, we sanded them up and oiled them thinking someone would come along and be inspired and they looked so great, that I was inspired. I made a couple of french cleats and hung them on the wall ... Time passed and they got attention every once in a while. A few people tried to buy them and I answered that I would 'think about the price', but really, I think, they just belong there. We dusted them off and oiled them up about a month ago and they looked great ... Good for another couple years... Click the pictures to enlarge them ... Amazing wood ... Who knows how old ?
A couple of black mahogany bedside tables we delivered to Boston last week on Will's bench
Another close up
Right side
Left side .... Kind of humbling actually .... Can't paint like that ...

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