Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Claro Walnut Slab Table Is Done

OK.... We finally finished it ... In the end, it turns out we can't deliver it until the carpenters will be finished in another month, so there was no rush to complete it, except, the client was going to be in town this weekend, and, #2, I need the money. So ... all together now and looking good. It is somewhat surprising, #1, how heavy it is now that it's all together, and #2, how completely rigid the steel support structure ended up being ... Grab the end with both hands and try to shake it; you almost can't even wiggle it a little. I'm very pleased with our engineering department. Click these pictures to enlarge them and visit these other posts for the full story ...
Post #1
Post #2
Post 33

This was a challenging photograph. My camera is not quite good enough to keep the whole 10 feet of it in focus and also the reflections from windows and lights in the somewhat shiny finish were really tough to eliminate .. Best I can do I think ...
A view from below ... The base is bolted together and will completely disassemble for delivery to CT
The picture below is a close up of this section of the table
Close up of the crotch end of the slab ... Amazing variety of figure and color
With (coincidentally) ten almost finished ladder back chairs for another client. I first wrote about these chairs in a post last November.

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Jeffrey said...

I came across your image when searching for miniature steel legs. I saw the image above and the small model you made. I would like to know about the small feet. do you sell them or can you point me in the direction to get them? I would like use them for display for a store.
Many thanks,