Monday, April 26, 2010

The Ladderbacks

Ok, I admit, this chair design took a long time to get together ... There were several posts along the way, originally starting back in October !?. For one reason or another, there was no hurry, and now that we have finally finished 16 of them, I'm really liking them for a number of reasons ... Clickl the photos to enlarge them ...

1. They will look good with a lot of different table styles.
2. We can actually do most of the joinery work on our cnc ... I know, I know, that's cheating but I have yet to EVER make a profit on a new chair design. There is some small hope for this one.
3. They are incredibly light to move around and more comfortable than the look.
4. They don't take a lot of wood.
5. I feel like they will also be more durable than they look. (see leg test results below)

The photo at the top of the post is with my clients's Nakashima table which arrived the day before our chairs .. I think that was actually the 'no hurry' part.
Parts for 10 chairs, ready to glue up ...
With my table for the SVAC show opening on May 8th ... more on that later
With our big Claro Walnut Slab Table ... They looked great with that ...
Ten of them lined up and ready to go ....
By themselves. The chair in the background is lacking it's pierced plywood seat support which was a last minute brainstorm to add structural strength without laborious and weaker corner blocks. It also afforded good attachment for the slip seat ... gold star for engineering if I do say so myself.
The original first prototype from the first post back in October
Another post in the series showing a 'real' cherry prototype. I was intending to make a set for a cherry table that I had on hand, but I sold it before I got the chance, which was good ...
I have a few more photos later

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