Saturday, January 7, 2023

a few of my favorite things ...

 conveniently listed on the home page of my blog
are, according to blogger, my 'popular posts' ...
 the one at the top of that list has been viewed 
more than 35,000 times, which does make it 'popular',
at least in my book.

below i list not my 'popular posts', but some of my 'favorite posts'.
ones that feature projects that i enjoyed writing about,
and/or feature projects that i am proud of.
here we go .... lots to read here ...

at the time i was writing this post i was also reading
a cormac mccarthy book titled 'all the pretty horses'.
hence the post title, which explains what that post is about ..

i could go on and on about this one, 
and in the duck bed link above, i do ...
this was a rather miraculous repair if i do say so myself ...
we were able to get all the veneer pieces back to flat 
without disturbing the original finish ..
at least 6 of them there ... one of them took
nearly a year from cutting the trees to installing it
on the upper east side in new york city ...
some big projects there ...
all claro, all the time
about a dozen live edge tables in the blog post at that link
a real, deep, head scratcher here ..
create the supports for a conical ceiling ... 
here are the 'plans' from the architect
Ensure Slope Matches Side Wall Angle for Conical Ceiling'
at 2 and 1/16th x 12
and there is always the onsite variable where
the concrete wall on the right is maybe on 2 and 3/16ths x 12
instead of the required 2 and 1/16th x 12, which in
7' adds up!  crazy stuff !
a 1/8th" to the foot scale model ...
and your basic algebra here ...

and in 2010 we collaborated with a 
at 20' x 8', this is the 'small one'
'small' because this one is 26' x 9'
about 2' of granite hangs out over the base pieces
we cnc'd and joined the knockdown parts, 
we did the steel that supports the granite
 and did the wood borders around the granite pieces ...
our friend steve did the finishing and onsite assembly.

i think this will do it for today ... 
more 'favorites' to come sometime ...

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