Sunday, October 26, 2014

a custom walnut king size bed ..

ok .. this was a challenging one .. a client we had done some tables for earlier this year sent us a picture asking if we could do a bed similar for them in walnut, in a king size ...  we adjusted the dimensions and details to suit her specs.  click the photos to enlarge them ..
to get started, trevor made a full size elevation below of the headboard with the xs and the footboard

next, he laid out the post mortises and the bolt holes and mortises for the headboard and footboard.
he drilled out the larger mortises first on the drill press and squared them up with the hollow chisel mortiser.  tenons on the table saw with dado blades and the fence.
he captured the nuts for the bed bolts using the moritser and a shop made jig for drilling the bolt holes

coming together here .. next, he tapered the posts on the cnc, which was a 
super safe way to do it compared to a table saw and jig, which i have always hated.
there were LOTS of pieces and LOTS of places they all had to fit.
count em' ! on the headboard alone there are four center intersections on not a 45 degree angle, 32 corners where things have to fit 5 vertical rails, mortises for the top and bottoms of the frames, two with curves.  after that, the footboard was a walk in the park.
all done in the upstairs of the metal shop .. waiting for an 'on site' picture soon.
fun, and very challenging, project

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Jeff Branch said...

Nice. I'll bet just the size of a bed makes the project challenging.