Friday, October 24, 2014

the pawlet potter

 ahhh, the pawlet potter.  marion mcchesney ... kit and i have known her and her family for years.  she and lee moved out into the country from downtown pawlet a few years back, so i don't get to stop in and see her stuff quite so often as i used to ... click the photos to enlarge them ..
earlier this week though, jim and i were 'in the neighborhood' as they say.  it was a beautiful sunny day, and marion was in her sweet little studio, so we stopped by to pay her a visit.
you may have seen her on david letterman, (correct me if i'm wrong marion, but it was one of those famous 'tonight type' shows), with her 'roadkill pottery'.  dead stuff stamped into wet clay.  very clever.  kit and i have rescued a few flattened things for her in the past, and as a result we have acquired a little collection of 'roadkill' ourselves over the years .. bowls, plates, tiles ... very cool stuff.
roadkill tiles ..
a big roadkill bowl in a place of honor .. on a table from 1980, and a curved front, curved glass cabinet from 1981 .. with a pete millett horse from the early 70s ... the wire sculptor is unknown.  got it as a gift from a client ... interesting reflections in the windows ...
it's a pretty big one .. those are flys in the middle there ..
but 'bob's bowl' is the biggest marion piece we have.  in fact, i think she said it was one of her biggest ever.  bob's a big cat.  i'm guessing the bowl's about 22-24" in diameter and about 5" deep.  he just fits ..
marion does serious handbuilt and thrown stuff too.  there's an artist's eye there that, being a bit of a potter myself, i find humbling and inspirational ...
great space .. really great south light!

artistically arranged

stop in yourself if you are in rural pawlet ... a bit off the beaten path, but definitely worth the trip.
see it all here ...

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