Thursday, October 30, 2014

a round cherry table with a leaf

all finished now ... above, without the leaf
 with the 12" leaf .. the whole story below ...
ok, this is starting to be one of our more popular round or oval table designs.  i think we have done four or five versions of it now.  below is the most recent, back in june, in curly maple.  trevor is making one in cherry now and you can see it step by step below.  
click the pictures to enlarge them ...
curly maple, no leaves, june 2014
laying out the parts with patterns made from the cad drawing above.
the parts and pieces.  trevor glues the aprons up in two halves and bevels them before attaching them to halves of the table top with screws and table clips ..
cutting the 12/4 cherry on the bandsaw .. he then miters the four pieces with a jig on the table saw and assembles them with clamps and dominoes.  i need to photograph that tomorrow if he still has it ..
here are parts from one of the previous tables.  there are cross grain dowels involved to give the lags that come up through the propeller base some purchase when the lags are tightened.  in the end, there are two dominoes on each flat face of the mitered parts.
there are also 3/4" splines added to the short grain in the top of the curved pieces to reinforce them.
we also screw the sub top of the base into those splines to reduce the risk of splitting the short grain.
here's the jig trevor uses to miter the four base pieces ...
'an apple a day keeps the doctor away' .. shop art ..
the equalized runners, (from moin hardware), for the leaf are attached to a subtop and the table halves
the parts are in the finish room now and i will post more pictures when the table is finished.

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Alexis said...

These bases are so beautiful and considerately constructed. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and creativity. I'm currently designing a table that will have an ovalesque maple burl top 60" X 108" top win live edge. Very beautiful wood with a lot going on. Your builds are inspiring. Thanks!