Friday, October 10, 2014

wha's up?

well, it's fall ... and after almost seven years of blogging and about 700 posts, i think i may be running out of steam a bit ... my last post was about 3 weeks ago. it is fall though and the outdoor activities/distractions are daunting .. i was talking with sam yesterday, and i realized one could theoretically do some fly fishing in the morning, have lunch, play nine holes of golf.  then hit a couple apple orchard covers for some grouse or woodcock in the late afternoon, play some paddle tennis around 5:00, then have a shower and dinner, and still have time for some pottery before bedtime.  so many options; so little time. 
this post will be just a bunch of pictures and short descriptions to summarize our recent activities .. not much detail needed .. click the photos to enlarge them.
the two photos above are a revisit to the hill farm project with some more work .. we reworked the funky pedestal thing above into a bar table ..
fixed bob marley's lion chair and took it to be upholstered .. very cool chair with a 'made in italy' sticker .. appeared to be from the 50's
and we inlaid some mother of pearl poker chips into a table top.  will had to engrave a couple of them below

and we've got a new slab headboard bed going ..
another one, just like the other one ..
big and heavy, but very interesting ..
and i took a little trip to see emmy lou and bela fleck and abigail washburn at 'fresh grass'
it took place at mass moca ( mass. museum of contemporary arts), down the road in adams mass. an awesome musuem and worth the trip just to see the buildings. 

courtyard d

and a great concert venue.  for emmy lou in joe's field, i was able to stroll my way up to pretty close ..

and trevor just finished a custom walnut king bed

lots of xs  .. luckily we have done a million of em
all in.  all done
more on the fall light later  .. it particularly lights up the figured cherry on our bedroom bureau at this time of the year
pretty tough to photograph though ..
and kit has gotten the harvest in
and back in the shop, we've got another lutyens style desk going ..
this one's bigger though .. 28 x 72 .. gonna be a beauty .. lots of burl

and chris is off to australia and new zealand for three weeks on saturday ..
sam made the gates below for the side door of a local restaurant and we had to make a sign to keep the customers from using them

and sam made some funky parts for a friend's gasifier furnace
some old will mosheim wood burnings surfaced in the office .. probably from about 1990 .. love the tiger ..
the pop up tv cabinet is waiting for a decision on the finish ..
and we made a new mahogany top for an antique table pedestal

amd more news from the metal shop with this custom wood rack and adjustable grill for a peter moore fireplace up on the mountain

and i think we might have had our last outdoor shower for the season.  with temps in the 40's in the morning and 30's soon, i'm going to have to shut it off and drain the lines soon. along with taking down the screen doors, just another fall chore.
i'm going to miss the view
and speaking of views, about this time of year, for a couple days we get the reflection of the rising sun off the metal roof of the gondola shed at the top of stratton mountain about 25 miles to the southeast.  it's another one of those seasonal markers .. all for now ..


Unknown said...

I love all this wood furniture but my favorite would probably be the bed. It is so unique and I have never seen anything like it before. My husband I have been looking into getting a new bed and I will show him this to maybe get an idea of what I like.

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