Friday, March 6, 2015

another round walnut table .. new pedestal design

one of our new clients came up with a concept for a variation on one of our tables that was really clever.
click the photos to enlarge them ...
she asked if we could make this table we made in 2013 open to have 4' of leaves inserted. 
it seemed like it could work, so we made a model, which she accepted and we were off to new design land.

 all finished now, but these dark tables are tough to photograph
 with 2 of the three leaves
lots of pieces
cad drawing showing placemats and seating when open and closed
some fine walnut from irion lumber
since we had made the model on the cnc from the cad drawing, it was a simple matter for trevor to cut some full size templates for the base pieces from mdf and lay them out on the 12/4 stock
joinery details
 glue up
the finished pedestals
the rest, as they say, was just an exercise .. cut the halves, cut the apron pieces, install the holes and pins and catches ... using our trusty jig
more info on this at the blog link above

tah dah
disassembly, and final sanding .. stain and finish next week sometime

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Anonymous said...

I love how you say "and the rest was just an exercise" - in building a full dining table with curved aprons, leaves, finishing, etc...
I wish I were at the level in my woodworking where that was all the easy stuff! Love the blog, I've learned a ton.
Byron from Winnipeg