Thursday, March 5, 2015

new claro walnut slab tables

we finished the claro walnut slab table above just in time for the next rough cut slab to come into the shop.  even though the slabs are from different logs, they are remarkably similar in width, grain, and appearance.  fortunately, the new one is two and a half feet shorter than the last one, which was over 12' long and 4' wide when it got here.  3" thick too .. no picnic to move that one around for sure.
before trimming, on our supplier's website
click the photos to enlarge them ...
trimmed in photoshop for the client's approval
after the first coat of finish

while the first coat was wet
second coat on the top of the slab
the 1.5" thick legs drilled, tapped, and assembled by jim with their polish and clear coat ... ready to install
 all we had to do was move it out to the finish room .. it took all six of us .. we stood it on edge on the little cart, wheeled it to the front door, slid it into the back of the truck, drove it the 60 feet or so to the finish room and then mounted it on the legs below.
so we don't have to flip it with the legs on it, we use a pair of mdf 'vs' slightly taller than the legs ...
then we wedge and jack them up into the pockets routed into the bottom of the slab, bolt on the legs, and then pick up one end at a time to removed the mdf.  the whole table probably goes 500 to 600 pounds assembled.  we have no way to weigh it, so that's just a guess. kind of like a pool table ...
 last coat of finish after the leg install .. good to go.  to ship it, we'll reverse the process and lend our mdf vs to the delivery guy .. it's a good system that we have been using for a couple years now.
 and the next slab arrived at my friend's factory last friday ..
 we drew on it out down there, and rough cut it to width and length

this drawing shows width between the legs
and brought it into the shop for acclimating on monday .. makes a good worktable in the meantime
more on this table as we progress.
 gonna be a nice one!
see more of our claro walnut tables, visit this slide show

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