Tuesday, March 3, 2015

bob and the aarp

i was surprised to see one of my favorite musicians on the cover of my recent aarp magazine .. good for you bob .. it was a good read and i wish i had read it before i tried to carry a 14' white oak 2 x 10 down the garage stairs by myself a few weeks ago ... about half way down, i got kind of stuck and twisted and i definitely tweaked something in the muscle that picks up your leg to go up the stairs.  but, it was friday and i had a paddle tennis game, and that one was so good, we played again saturday, and then i have(had) a regular sunday morning game.  by monday i was almost a total cripple .. could hardly get in or out of the car .. it will be a month this friday since my stair incident, and i'm just starting to be able to put my pants and socks on standing up, and sit at my computer without tears coming to my eyes.  i'm learning bob, but slowly i admit ... thanks for the tip ...
get help or leave that stuff to the young guys ..

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